When Living Without,

Discover What's Within

Helping Teenagers and Young Adults

Growing Up Without a Father 

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According the US Census Bureau, more than 1 in 4 children under the age of 18, totaling 19.7 million are being raised without a father.

"When Living Without, Discover What's Within", by Miles Vinciguerra, is dedicated to helping teenagers

and young adults overcome the challenges and hardships of

being raised without a father.

Within this book, you will discover that the

hardships and challenges you are facing is actually

your destiny calling you towards the

greatest opportunity of your life.

Are you ready to discover what's within? 

In this audiobook I am going to be coaching and mentoring you through these specific areas:

  • Developing an Abundance Mindset & Positive Perspective

  • Personal Development and Discovering your Potential 

  • The Power of Role Models, Mentors, and Superheroes

  • How to Experience the Greatest Love of all Time

  • Developing Your Ideal Self Image

  • How to Find Your Purpose, Gain New Skills to Increase Your Self - Confidence 

  • Discovering the Greatest Opportunity of Your Life

  • Heart Centered Ways to Handle Your Emotions

  • The Power of Responsibility (Two Different Definitions of It)

  • The Power of Small Intentional Investments in Yourself (The Greatest ROI of All)

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