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About Me

At a very young age, my father left me, my sister, and my mom. I was just a baby in diapers. I couldn't understood why, but the experience let me with many feelings & emotions. Growing up, it was heart breaking to watch my mother struggle. My mother is a saint on this earth, it baffled me that such an amazing person had to experience such hardships.

The saying goes however, "there is always a silver lining". 

As I became older and more mature, I remember lying in bed, night after night, thinking to myself, "I'm going to turn this all around. I'll be the best son, brother, partner, I can possibly be. One day I'll be so successful my mother and sister will never struggle a single day of their life again." 

I wanted to share this, to inspire and motivate you. Difficult times in our lives can be a catalyst for positive change. Mine sparked so much passion and energy into my life. This is when I began my dream to help and inspire others, and that means yes you! 

Wherever you are right now, at this very moment, I know you also have this burning passion inside of you to live the life of your dreams.


Owned & Operated 

my own

Landscaping Business,

Miles of LandCare, Inc. (2012-2018).


Servicing 100+ Clients Yearly with 

Multiple 5 Star Reviews.

I'm also the

Lead Guitarist &

Lead Vocalist in a

Metal band called

Soul Trap.

We've released our first EP titled "Shrapnel", April 3rd, 2018, & are currently working on a full length record.

Check it out here!