We are all on our own unique journey in life. No one person is greater than the next in any way shape or form.

%100 Confidential 

Every thing we talk about in our sessions or private conversations is ALWAYS confidential. That is a promise.

You Have all the Answers

True coaches empower their clients. There is no advice given during our sessions. You have all of the answers inside of you, it is my role to pull them out of you!


Have you ever felt or experienced

any of the following before?  

  • Lost, or "Without Direction"

  • No Sense of Purpose

  • Scattered

  • Unsure of What to Do Next 

  • Unable to Stay Focused

  • Cloudy, or "In a Fog" 

It is completely understandable and normal to feel this way, especially if you feel like lost, or like life has no deeper meaning.  


Hi, I'm Miles Vinciguerra, otherwise known as "Coach Miles V."


I was abandoned by my father at a young age, and watched my mother and sister struggle every day for years on end.


On top of not having a father to help guide me, I felt betrayed, hopeless, and that my life was never going to get better. I desired change so much, that when I was 16, I walked myself to the library and immediately grabbed the first personal development book I could find, called Success, One Day at Time by John Maxwell.


It felt so amazing to read that book because for the first time in my whole life I actually felt a feeling of direction. I fell in love with personal development and coaching and knew that I had to help others who felt like I did. In 2017, after spending years studying and working my guts out, I enrolled myself in a world class coach training program called iPEC Coaching, (Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching) and gained the skills and the competences needed to really help people. 

I know how it feels to wake up everyday longing for more. Today I can humbly say that I wake up with passion, energy, and so excited for what the future holds...

If you are reading this, please understand: 


You are perfect exactly how you are.

You are greater and wiser than you may believe you are, and you already have everything you need externally and internally, in order to achieve what you want in life.


It is not a matter of adding more of "X", it's a matter of finding what is already inside of you!

So if you are ready to take the leap, I would be honored to help you discover what is already inside of you.


Ready to Start?

1 Hour Coaching Sessions:

$35.00 per session, or 

$120.00 per month: 

Includes four, one hour sessions

Let's talk about what you will accomplish! 

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Affordable, Easy to Follow and Accessible Video Courses for all types of topics.

What will happen to your life if you don't overcome the obstacles your facing today?

How would it feel to know that you had the power, and the option to do something, but didn't?


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When Living Without, Discover What's Within 

Helping Teenagers and Young Adults Growing Up Without a Father


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