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Miles Vinciguerra

 Professional Coach, Author, Speaker & Musician

So, who exactly do I help? 


I help kids, teenagers, and young adults overcome abandonment by mentoring, coaching, and teaching what I love to call, self-leadership.  


I define self-leadership as:

"A learned quality that enables you to take unprecedented action in accordance to achieving the goals you want, without the need for 

validation, permission, or certain guarantee

To learn more, watch the video below to understand why I believe it is so important for kids, teenagers, and young adults to learn self-leadership

Check out my YouTube Channel!

Every week I make 2-3 videos on personal development, goal setting, specific coaching topics, and share content with my audience that I believe will provide value to you. 

I am also a self-published author,

and released my first book titled:

"When Living Without,

Discover What's Within

Helping Teenagers and Young Adults

Growing up Without a Father"

Paperback versions are available on Amazon and 

Mp3 Audiobook by clicking either button below:

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