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Miles Vinciguerra

Professional Coach

& Energy Leadership Index Master Practitioner

I am Passionate about helping you

Overcome obstacles such as...

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  • Anxiety and Depression

  • Drug or Alcohol Addictions

  • Low Self-Esteem

  • Low Self-Confidence

  • Feeling Stressed & Overwhelmed

  • Feel "Lost in Life" & Hopeless

  • Feelings of Existential Dread

  • Racing Thoughts

  • Internal and External Fears

  • Overcoming Debt & Financial Issues 

Typical Goals My Clients Have Are...

  • "I want to let go of the past and create the life I truly want."

  • "I want to overcome these racing thoughts and be healthier, happier, stress free, and not be so worried all the time."

  • "I want to increase my income by "X" amount."

  • "I want to start a business my first business, but I'm not sure where to start?."

  • "I want  to overcome my depression and move forward with my life, and simply be myself again."

  • "I want to increase my self-confidence and improve myself."​

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